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Cat Wilson Mysteries


An Artist's Death

in Paradise


Death Writes the Ending

Join Blake Anthony and Grant Stone on their tropical Island Paradise solving another Cat Wilson Mystery.

Collection of Short Stories

Upcoming Full Novel

Postcard Stories

If you want to enjoy some teasers, there are a collection of Alfred Hitchcock postcard stories to wet your appetite.


Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Contest - May 2015


To the Victor goes the Spoils

Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Contest - November 2012



Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine Contest - October 2013


About Cat

Cat Wilson

Cat Wilson is a great believer that the destination is not as important as the journey.

Cat wants to take you on a great journey of truth, exploring the probable, to foreshadow the plausible. She wants her readers not only to ask themselves “What if?” but if that were true, then it follows that all things are possible. Cat has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pen. In journals, diaries, short stories, essays, and poems. Some of her poems are in an anthology in the Library of Congress, and her first self published novella "An Artist's Death in Paradise" in 2013, sold out the first publication. Through her stories, Cat wants to make you question yourself, both the good and the bad. In fiction and in life, the truth will prevail. Or at least that’s what we’ve been led to believe…

While Cat loves suspense and drama in her mysteries, she lives a quiet life in the country with her artist husband, and her two rescue dogs, Gizmo and Sandy.